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How To Save Money On Your Groceries!

By admin | January 2, 2010

7 Tips on how to save money on your groceries

To save money on your groceries will definitely be a challenge for the average person due to unemployment and the increasing cost of housing, our monthly utilities bills, gaseoline and etc. In other words, just about everything impacts our food bills because we must eat food.

Transporting the food with higher oil prices will pass right down to the consumer.
That’s you and me.

So how can we as consumers save money on our grocery bill?

I know that this may be difficult for some people to understand, but you must start somewhere.

We will have to get back to ” Basic Cooking.” We will have to eat like people ate in the nineteen forties and fifties. I know because I was there.

Growing up in New York City in the nineteen-forties and fifties were a wonderful experience when it came to eating foods. My neighborhood had a vegetable stand, a meat market, a live chicken market and a fish market on each corner. Mothers did all the cooking in those days and we were healthy.

In those days when children wanted something to snack on they would go to the vegetable stand and buy some fresh, oranges, apples ,bananas, grapes and etc. And the price was five or ten cents for some fruit.

We didn’t have many fast foods places where people could buy food like they can today. The point I’m trying to make is this. It was right after World War ll and most people had little money but nonetheless we survived and ate lots of fresh vegetables.

Today is looking more and more like that time and we really need to get back to ” Basics ” and start cooking for our family and save money at the grocery store.

The first thing that must be done is ” Plan.” You must plan what you’re going to feed your family every day. At my house, I sit down and write up an menu for the week.

Then I go and check and see what I have on hand and write down what I need to purchase from the store. I know it’s hard to stick to your list, but do try.

Here are 7 effortless tips that you can save on your next grocery bill.
1 – Cut your red meat bill in half, by eating more white meat like turkey, and chicken.
If you substitute Ground Turkey meat for Ground Beef meat you will pay 1/2 of what you’ll pay for Ground Beef meat.

Today, they have practically any Beef Meat in Turkey form ; like, Turkey ground, sausage, bacon, wings ,thighs and breasts. Once you substitute these white meats for red meat, your stomach and your pocketbook will thank you.

The only drawback with cooking with Turkey Ground is that you do need to know how to cook and season it for best results.
You’ll save about $25- 35 dollars on your meat bill.

2 – As for vegetables buy fresh ones, like carrots, string beans, cabbage, white and sweet potatoes, spinach and etc. Add your favorite seasonings and they cook up very fast and taste great!
Another savings of about $10 -15 dollars.

3 – When it comes to Water, why not invest in a Water Filter Pitcher and make your own? This Water Filter Pitcher will pay for itself in no time.
You could save $7-9 dollars by making your own delicious water at home.

4 – As for you coffee lovers, purchase a coffee pot and make your own coffee at home and bring some of it to work with you for your coffee break.
You could easily save more than $10 a week.

5 – Eating out for lunchtime can be expensive. Cook a little extra food at dinner-time and take it to work for your lunch. I’m sure you you will definitely save some money here too.
Could we say you could save maybe $25 a week?

6 – As for the bread, getting a breadmaker will save you money in the long run. I’ve been making my own for some time now and it’s a wonderful machine to have. I make, whole wheat, raisin, white bread, Italian bread, pizza, pie crust, buns, rolls, and cookies in my breadmaker.

For special occasions and birthdays for my family and friends, I make them homemade- bread and
they just love it. Yes, breadmakers can be expensive but it is a must have product.
Now couldn’t you save an extra $6-8 dollars a week?

7 – Instead of buying salty snacks, buy a Popcorn Microwaveable Bowl and make your Popcorn at home with your own ingredients.
It could save you at least $5-6 dollars a week.

Add up all these tips and the total is over $100 dollars in savings.

So there you have it, some seven (7) suggestions on how to save you some money at the grocery store.

by Marlene Owens http://foods4u2cookhome.com/blog

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