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How to Organize a kitchen in 10 Minutes or Less

By admin | May 31, 2011

How to Organize a Kitchen in 10 Minutes or Less
by     Prerna Malik

An Organized Kitchen is a Joy – *Susie*Need to organize your kitchen? Well, you can get organized in just 10 minutes and make kitchen organization a breeze with these simple tips and ideas.

An untidy, chaotic kitchen is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and is an easy deterrent to the most avid cook.

If you’re pressed for time and lack the motivation to spend a whole day decluttering and organizing the pantry and kitchen cabinets, just spend short 10-minute intervals to spruce up the kitchen, clear countertops and organize utensils.

Here are simple 10-minute kitchen organization projects to help you get started.

Organize the Spice Rack and Food Wraps

All you need is 10 minutes or less to organize a spice rack. Quickly arrange similar-shaped containers or similar spices together and discard any spices that seem stale or are past their use-by date.

Alternatively, you can spend 10 minutes or less to collect all your rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, sandwich baggies and other food packaging material and store them in the same drawer.

Easy-peasy and will make your time in the kitchen more productive.

You only need 10 minutes to sift through your pile of takeout menus and organize them. Keep the ones that you use regularly, discard the rest.

Create a master grocery list and use it for your monthly grocery shopping trips. Organize your coupons and keep them along with your grocery list.

You can also spend 10 minutes or a little more to organize your cookbooks.

Organize Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen countertops can be clutter-magnets.

Spend 10 minutes removing anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen, returning kitchen items to their rightful place and storing rarely used appliances on higher shelves or at the back of the cabinet. Leave only the most essential, frequently used items on the countertop.

More Quick Kitchen Organization Tips

Here are some more simple and quick tips to an organized kitchen in 10 minutes or less:

•Keep items used together close to each other.
So, put coffee mugs next to the coffeemaker or cake tins in a cabinet close to the oven.

•Empty the refrigerator or freezer.

Discard stale or unusable items. Neatly store the rest.

•Do a quick pantry purge.

Discard items you’ve not used, are unlikely to ever use or those that are stale.

•Store kitchen cleaning supplies together under the sink.

You can also store your trashcan liners in a box or basket under the sink as well.

•Prettify the kitchen.

Add some pictures, a small vase with fresh flowers or a pot with herbs.

Kitchen organization needn’t be tough and cumbersome. Spending 10-minutes or so every now and then can ensure that you have an organized kitchen, pantry and refrigerator and can enjoy whipping up tasty, healthy meals for your loved ones.

For more intensive, kitchen organization projects, do read Kitchen Storage Organization Made Easy and Quick and Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Ideas.

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