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By admin | September 22, 2011


Homemade Orange Marmalade Jelly

by Marlene Owens

Summer is over and what a very hot season it was. Now that autumn is here let
us get started to cooking some easy budget foods like homemade jellys, cookies,
cakes, pies, breads and rolls that our family will enjoy and save money too.

I was checking some of my old recipes. and I decided to make Homemade Orange
Marmalade. This recipes goes great with many foods like toast, biscuits, ham,
chicken, and etc. According to my family, they liked it very much. So try it!

To prepare this delicious dish,
you will need to buy five or six oranges, ( I found the
seedless ones.) some sugar, water and Orange Jello. I used two pint size canning jars
to put them in. Clean the jars first with soap and water and then put them in a pot
with water over heat and sterilize the jars.

Wash the Oranges with a little soap and rinse well. Cut the oranges into quarters
and peel and slice them thinly. Try not to put the white pith in (tastes bitter) and
set aside. Then grate the rind of three oranges and place them with the oranges.

In a saucepan add the oranges and juice, zest, one cup of sugar or more to your
taste and about two cups of water. Let this cook for thirty minutes stirring often.

In another pot, place two cups of water and the Orange Jello on low heat. Taste it
and add more sugar if needed stirring until dissolved, then add to the orange
mixture and stir well. Let cool and place in jars. Then put in refridgerator.

Taste and enjoy the Homemade Orange Marmalade Jelly on buttered toast the next day!

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