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Marlene Owens Kindle eBooks |Recipes and Videos

By admin | November 22, 2013

Hello, Friends.


I have finally made it.  You can find my Kindle eBooks here. My plan is to make many more.


www.amazon.com/kindle eBooks.


Type in my name   Marlene Owens on the search button to see what I am offering.


All these recipe come with ” Videos ” so that you can se how I prepare each one.


Click on the Image above to Order

Easy Homemade Brownie Recipe; How to Make; Brownie Recipe from Scratch; Video.
Have you ever made an easy homemade Brownie, from scratch or a box recipe only to find out that you cannot get it out of the pan?
This has happened to me many times, and I found a solution.
Well, I have a secret tip for getting that Brownie homemade recipe out of the pan without any problems.
My how to make; Brownie recipe from scratch will show you an easy way. No more broken or half split Brownies.
This very easy homemade Brownie recipe that is made from scratch can be yours right now.
I have put together a Brownie recipe from scratch that you can follow without any problems.
**Bonus** Watch me in the Video(s) for my step by step instructions where I show you How to Make Brownie Recipe from scratch


Click on the Image above to Order

Steak and Potato Recipe; How to Cook; Steak and Potato Dinner Recipe; Video. Would you like to impress someone with your cooking skills?
Well you have come to the right place. This Delicious Steak and Potato Recipe is it! This is a great easy dish for meat and potatoes lovers.
Guess what? I make this dish to impress “ME.” Yes, this is one of my favorite Steak and Potato Recipe that I enjoy preparing, cooking, eating and bragging to myself.
My family and friends all agree with me and you will too.

** Bonus ** I give you not only the recipe, but I have Videos showing step by step instructions on How to Cook; Steak and Potato Dinner Recipe; Video.

Click on the Image above to Order

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe named Mini Sweet Potato Recipe; Easy Sweet Potato Pie Recipe; Video.
This Easy Sweet Potato Pie Recipe made into Mini Sweet Potato Pie Cups that you can put together in no time can also be used with leftover Sweet Potato Recipe.
These Easy Mini Sweet Potato Recipe Cups are also great for parties; Baby and Bridal Showers, dieters, children or just for you.
You will be asked to bring these Mini Sweet Potato Pies at your next gathering.
* Bonus * you will get the Mini Sweet Potato Pie Recipe and Videos. Watch me as I show you step by step instructions on how I make this delicious Easy Mini Sweet Potato Recipe.


Thanking you in advance,

Marlene Owens


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