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The main purpose and objectives of Marlene’s Cooking Club Blog is:

– To encourage you to cook your foods at home.

– To assist you in cooking healthy meals for you and your family.

– To help you save money by preparing your foods at home.

– To become the cook that you always desired to be.

Marlene Owens, of Marlene’s Cooking Club with over four decades of cooking experiences shares with you her secrets, tips and timesavers on How to cook delicious foods at home through food recipes, cooking articles and videos.

Wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys writing, creating, cooking and sharing her cooking methods with people who want to learn how to cook easy foods at home.

Cook Your Foods Home and Remain Healthy!

by Marlene Owens

7 reasons Why you must Cook Your Foods home?

(1) – Sanitary Reasons– to prevent Samonella Poisioning and food contamination

(2) – Nutritional value–maintain vitamins by not overcooking vegetables

(3) – Less Sodium, Sugar and Fats in your foods–you decide how much to use

(4) – Less Preservatives and Additives– you use very little for foods at home

(5) – Freshness of food–fresher fruits, veggies and meat

(6) – Save money– eating out can be expensive

(7) – Less chance for food borne diseases–by putting cooked foods in refridgeratorafter consuming it.

Our first concern should be remaining healthy: by Cooking Your Foods At Home.

Eating out is definitely a treat! But at a Risk! Save those eating out in restaurants and fast foods places for special occassions.

Do you really know what ingredients are in the prepared meals that you eat in restaurants?

For sure if you buy canned, frozen and some fresh foods too, one can assume that there is quite a bit of salt, sugar plus many other additives and preservatives in the product.

Manufacturers use additives and etc. in foods to preserve it, for a longer shelf life.

Now really can’t you cook these same fast and restaurant foods at home yourself?

For one thing you will know for sure, What is in the food you are preparing at home.!


– You will be the boss and in charge over your food consumption.

– You will add ingredients that are good for you or your particular diet.

(low salt/sugar/fat)

– You will be healthier because you are eating and cooking your own fresh

veggies and fruits.

Now you will and can live a healthy lifestyle just by Cooking Your Foods At Home!

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